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Catching Up

In the run-up to Christmas, I fell behind on most of the blogs that I follow, most egregiously missing Fafblog's Time Magazine POTY parody. If you did, too, fix that now. Obsidian Wings ran a little contest to see who could write the funniest fake biography of recalcitrant collaborator Sebastian Holsclaw; voting on a winner ends tomorrow. Diane at Nobody Knows Anything ran a link to this uxoriously naughty page at Citizen Skein. I apologize for having failed to notice until today that Winning Argument has been shut down. Its author pleads other commitments, but, frankly, after the election, who could have had the heart to continue the mission?

I don't think that I've said a good word about Patricia Storms of BookLust. Her recent post on discussing The Fortress of Solitude with her brother qualifies her as the author of an at least partially literary Web log. I wish I'd known about it last fall, when I was surveying a list of alleged such sites. Patricia also has a great sense of humor when she draws (and perhaps at other times, too): you must not miss Tart. (Researching this paragraph, I discovered that the "Blogosphere" Department of the DB has all the laughs.)

More seriously, Andy Towle of Towleroad linked to a harrowing CNN account of surviving the tsunami in Sri Lanka. Why do I say "harrowing"? How could it be anything but harrowing?

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